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Yankees vs. Athletics 4/21/10

The Yankees sealed their 5th series in a row on the back of a splendid pitching performance from Phil Hughes. Hughes was locked in from the first pitch, firing immaculate fastballs to get ahead in the count, and then using his devastating curve to put away the hitter. His opponent, Ben Sheets, was doing a good job as well, mixing his off speed effectively with high heat. The first runs of the game finally came in the fourth inning, with A-Rod and Cano hitting back-to-back triples before a Posada grounder scored Cano and gave the Yanks a 2-0 lead. To this point, the only A’s baserunner had come via the walk in the 1st inning, and Hughes looked in complete control as he continued to no hit the A’s. His pitch count was low, low enough to go the distance, and when the eighth inning started, every Yankee fan was on the edge of their chair, praying for the first Yankee no-no since David Cone back in 1999. But alas; Eric Chavez swung hard at the first pitch of the eighth inning, the ball went straight back to Hughes, where it ricocheted off his glove and landed in front of the mound. A dazed Hughes frantically searched the air for the ball, before realizing that it had landed right in front of him. By the time he had recovered, Chavez had reached first, and the no hitter was gone. There were no now more pressing matters to deal with; the Yankees held a very slim lead, and when Hughes walked Gabe Gross to put two on with one out, Girardi immediately replaced him with Joba Chamberlain. Hughes trudged off with a career high 10 K’s, with his parents cheering him on from the crowd. Joba gave up a single which allowed Eric Chavez to score and make it a one run ball game, but managed to escape the inning with no further damage. A Gardner RBI tacked on an insurance run for the Yankees in the ninth, and after a brief stutter, Mariano Rivera shut the door on a 3-1 win for his sixth save of the season and the Yankees 6th win in a row.

Player of the Game
Phil Hughes- 7.0 IP, 1 Hit, 1 ER,  2 BB, 10 K’s
Hughes no hit the A’s for 7 whole innings, at one point retiring 20 hitters in a row. He had an aura of dominance on the hill, throwing hard fastballs and bending curveballs to completely fox the A’s batters. A piece of bad luck denied him his no-hit bid, but it was still an outstanding outing from Hughes, who lowered his ERA to a stellar 2.19.
Drive of the Game
Robinson Cano’s Triple in the 4th Inning
With A-Rod on at third and nobody out, Cano smashed the ball down the right field line for a triple. A-Rod scored easily, and Cano would later score on a Posada ground ball. This was an extremely crucial play in a game where runs were at a premium, as it gave the Yankees a lead they would never let go of.
Play of the Game
Ben Sheets and Kurt Suzuki turn a Strikeout-Throwout Double Play in the First
In the first inning, the Yankees were well set up, with runners on first (Nick Johnson) and second (Derek Jeter) with no outs for Mark Texeira. With the count full, the runners took off, Sheets’ pitch was perfect, catching the outside corner to strike out Tex looking, and Suzuki threw a bullet to third to catch Jeter stealing and snuff out any chances of a rally.

Uniform Numbers have to have Best Players too




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There hasn’t been much going on in baseball except everybody
wondering which team Johnny Damon will go to and the transactions that have
been made which we will have in our transaction review (sorry about the timing
of that). So I decided I wanted to see who the best current baseball player was
at each uniform number. Like who is the best baseball player who wears number 1
or 2. And yes I am going to bore you until 99 but I will take it one by one. I
will have 10 different ones every week, so you won’t be as bored. Here is 1-10.

1: The best
player that wears number 1 is Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts. Not to say
Brian Roberts isn’t good but he didn’t have that much competition like Corey
Hart and Luis Castillo Brian Roberts has the most homeruns and RBI’s (16 and
79) he has the second best average after Nyjer Morgan (.283 to .307). What
makes Roberts better than Morgan is the power numbers. Roberts had 16 homeruns
which is good for a leadoff hitter and 79 RBI’s which is very good for a
leadoff hitter.


The best player that wears number 2 is probably going to be our closest
one ever. And Hanley Ramirez is our winner. Who is that unlucky man who just
lost to the great Han-Ram? You guessed it, Derek Jeter. If I was a Yankee fan
who didn’t appreciate anybody else I would say Derek Jeter. But I know Hanley
Ramirez is better than Derek Jeter. He has a better average, but not by that
much (.342 -.334), Hanley has better power (24 HR to 18 HR), and more RBI’s
(106 to 66). Jeter had more speed than Hanley and had a better defensive year
but Hanley was a lock in the Marlins 3 spot while Jeter was very valuable to
his World Series team. This debate will go on for a while.

3: Evan Longoria
is the unanimous choice. The only person that might stand a chance is Jorge
Cantu. But here come the stats. Cantu did have a good year (16 homers, 100
RBIS, .289 BA) but Longoria had way better power numbers (33 homers, 133 RBI’s,
.528 SLG). Cantu had a better average and was more versatile then Longoria but
as a starting player that didn’t matter.

4: Brandon
Phillips is the choice here. He has competition in Jose Lopez who has a mix of
power and average as well. They both have very good 25 homerun capable power
both hitting at least 20 last year. They both bat in the .270’s but the big
difference is the speed and defense. Brandon Phillips has both of these. He is
a gold glove second baseman and stole 25 bases last year. Therefore Brandon
Phillips is better than Jose Lopez by speed and defensive value.


5: There isn’t
much to say here. Just two names, Albert and Pujols. Pujols is the best
player in baseball and definitely the best number 5 in baseball. I don’t
even need to compare him to anybody. 8 time All-Star, 5x Silver
Slugger, 06 Gold Glove, and 3 time NL MVP. Enough said.

6: Ryan Howard is
lucky that he doesn’t wear number 5 or nobody would consider him. Melvin Mora
might be the only person I can compare him to and that would just be unfair.
Ryan Howard has 141 RBI’s compared to Melvin Mora’s 48 and 104 in 09 and 08. He
had 45 homers this year and Mora had 31 in the past 2 years. You Orioles fan
might want to skip to #7.


7: Joe Mauer is
pretty obvious and I will compare to poor James Loney. Mauer had 15 more homers
(13 – 28), almost 90 points better in average (.365 to .281). Joe Mauer was
also more valuable to his team last year. Without him they wouldn’t have gotten
anywhere. The Dodgers still had Manny. I will stop picking on James Loney and
let you Dodger fans not get put through the torture…

8:  Ryan Braun had a very good year but will
it be enough to beat out Shane Victorino? The stats will show us. Ryan Braun
had 22 more hits (203 to 181), a better average (.320 to .292), Braun had more
homers (32-10) and RBI’s (115-62). Victorino had more speed though (25-20 SB’s)
and was a better fielder (.994 fielding percentage to .997), and made less errors
(2-1). But overall it is clear that Braun has a big edge.


9: Who will be
the best at number 9? Chone Figgins or Hunter Pence? Well Hunter Pence
obviously has less stolen bases (42-14). He has 5 times as many homers (5-25)
and more RBI’s (54-72). Figgins had a better average (.298-.282), a better OBP
(.395 to .346) and more hits (183-165). It was pretty even but Figgins scored
more runs for his team (114-76) therefore being worth more to his team.

10: Michael Young
and Chipper Jones are pretty even and Jones had a bad 09 so I will compare the
Michael Young 09 to the Chipper Jones of 08. Jones had a better average (.364
-.322), the same amount of homers (22), Chipper has 71 RBI’s to 68 RBI’s, less
games (155 to 128). Michael Young had more triples (2-1), more runs scored
(102- 82), and more hits (174 to 160). Pretty even but the reason I am going to
choice Michael Young is because of Chipper’s horrible 2009 season. He batted
exactly 100 points less than last year. Michael Young is therefore the best
player who currently wears the number 10.


Thank You, Thank You. Any questions, comments or disagreements? Feel free to comment. 

When we thought baseball players couldn’t get worse, they do.




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When we thought
baseball players couldn’t get worse, they do.

Mark McGwire. One great thing comes to your mind when you
hear that name. He broke the homerun record in 1998. UNDER STEROIDS. Not so
great anymore right? Yes Mark McGwire used steroids. First Jose Canseco said “Me
and teammate Mark McGwire used steroids as far back in 1988” in his 2005 book, Juiced:
Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball got big
. Second, his
brother, Jay McGwire, said “He used to in low dosages so he wouldn’t lift his
way out of baseball” in his book, The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth about
Steroids, a Slugger and Ultimate Redemption.
And now McGwire finally admits
to using them. He brings a decade of wondering and speculation to an end after
he admitted his steroid use during a 20 minute telephone interview with The Associated
Press. “I used steroids during my playing career, and I apologize” We all would
Mark but would we all take them? No. Taking them is the worst thing. If you
know it is wrong, then why would you take them? To make you better? Probably.
To make more money? Probably. But you can make money without taking steroids.
Take Ken Griffey Jr. as an example. Griffey has made money and has been very successful
without taking steroids. Along with Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols who we are
pretty sure didn’t take steroids.  So
back to Big Mac. He took them when he was recovering from an injury in 1993,
tried them in 1989/1990 and as Canseco says 1988. And the biggest year of them
all! 1998. The season he beat Roger Maris’s homerun record with 70 homers.  Another player that year who surpassed Maris’s
61 homers was Sammy Sosa who has also been linked to steroids. I am really sad
to say: Baseball isn’t baseball anymore. It isn’t how it used to be. Every big
homerun hitter is linked to steroids; Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Manny
Ramirez, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds just to name a few. The only good thing
about players admitting about taking steroids is that they are being honest
about doing it. But that means nothing. Except that they have courage to do

big mac.jpg

Other News around the

Mark Teixeira is getting honored with the Legacy
award along with King Albert, Zack Grienke and others.

Jon Heyman says Johnny Damon has offers from the
Braves and Giants. The Giants probably pulled that back after they signed
Aubrey Huff and David O’Brien says the Braves have not offered Damon a
contract. Executives think that Damon will resign with the Yankees.

Bleacher Report thinks the Yankees should pull
off a deal for Carl Crawford by sending Brett Gardner, Austin Romine, and a
good pitching prospect. This is not a bad idea, but could be tweaked. I
personally would prefer the Yankees wait till he is a free agent.

Greg Maddux will return and he will be an
assistant to Cubs GM Jim Hendry.

Dice-K Matsusaka was hiding a groin injury from
the Red Sox for the whole entire year.

Tony LaRussa said he might consider bringing
Mark McGwire to pinch hit so the voters will have some more time to think about
if he deserves a  Hall of Fame plaque or

The Cubs will retire Andre Dawson’s number 8 if
he goes into the Hall of Fame as a Cubbie. Dawson played for the Expos twice as
much he did the Cubs so we will see what will happen.

Lastly, Derek Jeter is finally getting married
to Minka Kelly, just to throw that out there.

The biggest remaining question is will Johnny Damon resign
with the New York Yankees. You will have different opinions and feel free to
comment and tell us what you think about Mark McGwire, Johnny Damon and the

Top Ten Time: Best Position Players of the Decade





Welcome to our weekly top ten, this one about the top ten POSITION players of the decade. To be on this prestigious list you have to be a good hitter,
at least an average fielder, have a strong impact on your team (being clutch),
and also have a good list of awards to prove your case. You might also want a
World Series championship but lots of good players don’t have rings. Most of
the players on this list will have World Series ring because you become great
with championships, or so they say.


1. Albert Pujols
There is no doubt that Pujols is probably the best player in baseball right
now.  Why not the best in the decade? He
played 9 years in the 2000’s starting with his debut in 01. In this decade he
has hit 366 homeruns, 1717 hits, 1071 runs scored, a .334 batting average, and
has had 1112 RBIS. He has been proven he can be clutch, proven by his .411
career batting average and 11 grand slams with the bases loaded.  And to back this up I will refer to when King
Albert hit a 3 run homer in the top of the ninth of Brad Lidge, in the NLCS, to
keep his Cardinal’s season alive. Phat Albert can also play defense proven by
his excellent .992 fielding percentage in 09. He also won a gold glove in 2006
which starts on how many awards he has won over the amazing decade of his. He
is an 8 time all star, 5 time silver slugger, 06 gold glove winner, 3 time MVP,
01 rookie of the year, along with a World Series championship in 06.


2. Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez was on track to be perhaps the best player in baseball history
at one point but then settled down and Pujols also came along. A-Rod also had
amazing, amazing numbers in this decade with 435 career homers in this decade
alone. He also has 1243 RBI’s, 1190 runs, and 1883 hits. Alexander the Great
has also been proven more clutch than everybody says. Though he was horrible in
the post season up until this past post-season he still sends Yankee fans to
bed with happiness rushing through their head. Some examples of how  much better at being clutch then people says
are: All of his grand slams (18), his game tying homeruns off Joe Nathan and
the Twins in the ALDS, his game tying homer off Brian Fuentes and the Angels,
his walk-off homer against Junichi Tazawa and the BoSox, and these are only
from this year. Here come the awards. 9 time all star, 3 time MVP, 9 silver
sluggers, 2 gold gloves, 4 time Hank Aaron award winner, and a World Series

3. Ichiro Suzuki
There isn’t enough to say about Ichiro. He isn’t a homer guy, but that doesn’t
matter if you have a career batting average of .333. He also has 2030 hits in
just 9 years. He has played over 160 games 5 times and the rest of the season
except for 09, he played at least 155. 341 stolen bases, 6099 AB’s, and 1426
games played. Ichiro is clutch as he is the owner of a .342 average when the
game is tied; a .353 BA when there are 2 outs with RISP, .332 batting average
from the 7th to 9th inning, and has a career, 427 batting
average with the bases loaded. Not good enough? Well too bad.  Now here come the awards. He is a 9 time MLB
all star and a 16 time international all star. He has one 4 MVP’s in his time
here and in Japan, he has 9 Gold Glove, 3 silver sluggers and is a 2 time
batting champion. Though Ichiro doesn’t have any World Series rings to show
off, he is still one of the best players of the decade.

4. Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter, also known as Captain Clutch, has had a career that every Major
League Player would like to have. 1940 hits, a 317 BA, and 1088 runs scored all
in this decade. Jeter is also clutch and that is why he was given the name Captain
Clutch. He owns a .308 BA with RISP, a .353 BA with the bases loaded, .318 BA
with runners on second and third, and a .320 with a runner on third and 3 outs.
Though he doesn’t have the best average in the ninth inning, he owns a ********
.325 BA and .449 OBP in extras. To back up that Jeter is clutch, he has a .313
BA in the postseason in 559 AB’s. Like everybody else Jeter has plenty of
awards. He is a 10 time all star, 4 time Gold Glove winner, 4 time Sliver
Slugger winner, 2 time Hank Aaron award winner, and he has 5 championship


5. Chipper Jones
Chipper Jones has
always been consistent and has a dominated career .307 average. His best year
average wise was just back in 08 when he hit .364 and had a .470 OPS. He has
426 homers, .406 OPS, and 1445 RBI’s. Chipper Jones is clutcher then he seems.
He has a .301 BA with RISP, .321 BA with the bases loaded, a .369 average with
runners on 2nd and 3rd, and a .372 with runners on third
with 2 outs. Lastly, Chipper has less awards then everybody else but still has
a decent amount of awards. 2 x Silver Slugger, 6 x All-Star, NL MVP in 1999,
and has a World Series ring in 95. 

6. Barry Bonds
Barry Bonds was a very, very good player up until he started steroids. He
was a skinny fast outfielder that had potential to steal A LOT of bases.  Then he started taking steroids and became
fast, and big, and his defense became much worse. He hit many more homeruns and
became a liar. Even though Bonds is perhaps the biggest enemies of the decade,
he is one of the best. He has the MLB record for homeruns and walks. He has
1996 RBI’s and 2935 hits. A career .298 BA, .444 OPB, and a .607 slugging.
Barry Bonds isn’t the clutchest player ever but he makes up for that with his
enormous amount of homers and RBI’s. Here come the plenty of awards Bonds has
won. 14 time All Star, 8 time Gold Glove winner, 12 time Silver Slugger, 7 time
MVP along with all the MLB records.


7. Manny Ramirez
Man-Ram is a very different character on the baseball field. His left field
door in the Green Monster and Mannywood in LA, Manny is admired by plenty of
fans. His fan-base isn’t the only reason that Manny is one of the best players
of this decade. He is very talented proven by his stats. Manny has 348 homers,
1106 RBI’s, and a .313 BA in this decade. Manny is clutch backed by his .327
average with RISP, .317 average with a runner on 3rd and 2 outs, and
a .329 BA with the bases loaded. Here come the awards. 12 time All Star, 9 time
Silver Slugger, 2 time Hank Aaron Award winner, a he is a 2 time World Series
champion.  Manny being Manny.

8. Todd Helton
Todd Helton was overshadowed by all the other amazing first baseman in the
NL mainly in 08 and 09. Helton has always be an over average 1st
baseman on defense and offense. He has 260 homers, 981 RBI’s, 1 856 hits, and
.350 BA in this decade. Here comes how clutch Todd Helton is. He has a .325 BA
with 2 outs, a .365 BA with the bases loaded, and a .341 BA with runners in
scoring position. If you need more let me give you an example. With the Rockies
down 8-7 in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs against Takashi Saito and the
Dodgers, Todd Helton hit an emotional 2 out, 2 strike homer to keep the Rockies
season alive in 2007. Todd Helton is also a 5 time all star, 3 time Gold Glove
winner, and a 4 time Silver Slugger winner. He is also the only person ever to
hit 35 doubles in his first ten complete season.


9. Carlos Beltran
Carlos Beltran is debatably the best center fielder in baseball. He is a 5
tool player with power and phenomenal defense. He isn’t the best guy when it
comes to hitting for average but has hit 275 career homers and has 286 stolen
bases. Beltran is a very good fielder with a career .986 fielding percentage
and 104 assists from the outfield. He also has 3989 PO. Moving on to how clutch
he is.  He has a .305 BA with RISP, a
.290 average and 10 homers with the bases loaded, and ******* .396 BA with a
runner on third and 2 outs. Lastly Beltran has 5 All Star births, 3 Gold
Gloves, and 2 Silver Sluggers.

10. Vladimir Guerrero

To finish off our top ten players of the decade we have Vladimir Guerrero
who used to hit amazingly back in his prime. In 09 he cooled off after an
injury. Vlad has 315 homers, 1037 RBI’s, and 1751 hits this decade. Vlad also
has a .321 BA this decade. How clutch is Vladimir Guerrero? Well we saw him
this past post-season and he impressed me at least. He has a career .323 BA in
the ALDS and had a .370 BA in the past ALCS. Vlad has a career .306 average
with the bases loaded, a .326 average with a runner on third and 2 outs, and a
.321 average with RISP. To wrap up our top ten we will list Vlad’s numerous
awards. 8 time all-star, 2004 AL MVP, 7 time silver slugger, and the 07 homerun
derby winner just to say.


I am sure that we will have an amazing next decade full of plenty of amazing
games, players, and homers. Any comments, questions, disagreements? Feel free
to comment and tell us you opinion.

Top Ten Time!




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top ten today is about the decades top ten homers. From Aaron Boone’s Walk-Off
homer to A-Rod’s walk-off against Junichi Tazawa, all the big ones are here.

10: The miracle in Hollywood.                                                                             
The game went into the ninth inning with a 9-5 deficit. San Diego had
scored 3 runs in the top of the ninth inning to extend their lead to an almost
unreachable 9-5 lead like I said before. Well this time is was reachable. In
the bottom of the ninth inning Jeff Kent lead off with a solo shot. 9-6. Still
hard to reach. Then JD Drew launches one out. 9-7. Then Russell Martin hits one
out. 9-8. The Dodgers are still one run away against Trevor Hoffman who came in
after JD Drew’s Homer. Well what happened next was Marlon Anderson’s second
blast of the day to tie it up. 4 homers in a row. That had not happened since
1964. But that is not the end of it. In the top of the tenth Josh Bard singled
in Brian Giles. The Dodgers have another deficit. But what do they do? Kenny
Lofton walks and Nomar Garciaparra hits one deep into the stands for a 2 run
walk off shot. Miracle.

9: Burke sends the
Astros to the NLCS:
This 18th inning marathons that stands as the longest playoff
game ever, had much more than the Chris Burke walk-off homerun in the final
inning. The score was 6-1 going into the bottom of the 8th inning,
highlighted by an Adam LaRoche grand slam. So in the bottom of the 8th
inning, Lance Berkman crushes a grand slam of his own to make the score 6-5.
Then we go to the bottom of the ninth. Then with 2 outs, Brad Ausmus launches a
clutch homerun to tie the game. This game goes on and on until the 18th
inning where Chris Burke ends it all with a walk off homerun.


8: Bad to good in
3 years after going 43-119, the Tigers are in the World Series. Thanks to
Magglio Ordonez. By the 5th inning it was 3-0 Athletics. Curtis
Granderson doubled in Brandon Inge and then Craig Monroe double Granderson in.
3-2. Then next inning, Magglio Ordonez launched a solo shot to tie the game at
3-3. Time past and the bottom of the ninth came. With 2 outs, Craig Monroe
singled. Then Placido Polanco followed with a best hit of his own. Then Magglio
Ordonez stepped up to the plate. With one swing he could send his team to the
World Series. And he did.

7: Johnny sinks the
In the midst of one of the worst postseason series in Yankees history, the
to-be Yankee crushed a grand slam and a 2 run shot. Big homer that destroyed
the Yankees and they didn’t get back to the ALCS until 09. Though even without
this grand salami it doesn’t seem the Yankees would have won anyway. But this
was still a big blow.

6: Fast and Powerless
always wins the game.
After 0 homers in the whole regular season, Scott Podsednik was the hero.
After Paul Konerko launched a grand slam in the 7th inning to take
the lead 6-4, it seems that the Astros would not come back. But they did. In
the top of the 9th inning, Jose Vizcaino hit a 2 out, 2 run single
to tie the game. In the bottom of the inning Scott Podsednik came up with one
out, and the only way he was excepting to end the game was if he somehow hit an
inside the park homerun. That is how little power he had. But he did end the
game, and it did go over the outfield fence.


5: Roidtiz saves the
Why are the Red Sox homers always important? We don’t know but we know that
we hate it. This Red Sux homer also killed the Yankees (always the Yankees!)
After Mo rarely blew a save because of Dave Roberts stealing second base and
then Mo allowing a single to Bill Mueller to tie the game, the game proceeded
to the 12th inning where David Ortiz stepped up to the plate and
delivered the big blow to finish the Yankees off, sadly.

4: King Albert’s moon
shot shocks Astros.
The Astros were one strike away. But they had to face King Albert. One
strike away from their first World Series. And Albert ruined it. The Astros
were down 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th and Lance Berkman crushed a 3
run homer to give the ‘Stros a 4-2 lead. Brad Lidge came in the ninth and
quickly retired the first 2 batters of the inning. Pesky David Eckstein worked
a long AB then hit a single. Jim Edmond worked a walk and with two strikes,
Albert Pujols hit one that hit the windows in left in Minute Maid Park to give
the Cardinals the lead


3: Mr. November.
After Tino tied it in the ninth, Jeter took the spotlight in a city that
had been sad and silent after the very tragic incident on 9/11. The clock had
just struck 12 and baseball’s first game in November ever ended with a bang. Derek
Jeter stepped up, clutch and all, and launched one into the right field stands and
was granted the prestigious nickname, Mr. November. This homerun cheered up the
fans of New York after 9/11.Too bad this is really rare…

2: Tino and Scott.
Miracles happen if you really need them, and that is what the Yankees
needed on the nights of October 31 2001 and November 1 2001. On the 31st
the Yankees entered the ninth inning down by 2. Derek Jeter bunted and was out
by a centimeter. Paul O’Neil then lined an opposite field single to left field.
After Bern, Bern, Bernie Williams struck out, Tino Martinez stepped up to the
plate hoping to cheer up the fateful NY fans. He did. He launched the first
pitch he saw from 22 year old Korean Byung-Hyun Kim over the fence for a game
tying homer, bringing joy to all Yankee fans watching. But this is something
that happens once in a blue moon, maybe three or four times a season if you are
lucky. (A-Rod did it thrice this year). But of course it is IMPOSIBBLE to do it
twice in a row. But nothing is impossible. The next night after a strong start
from Mike Mussina but a stronger start by Miguel Batista, it was 2-0 in the
bottom of the night. Bob Brenly again went to his 22 year old Byung-Hyun Kim.
Jorge Posada led off the inning with a double but Kim got the next 2 outs. Scott
Brosius came up thinking the same thing Tino was the night before. And he did
the same thing Tino did. Except this time he had John Sterling yelling “Do you
belief in miracles!?!?!?!”

1: Aaron Boone goes
down in history.
And our number 1 goes to no other then Aaron Boone. The game started with
the Red Sox knocking Roger Clemens out early and took a 4-0 lead. Mike Mussina
came in for his first appearance in relief and threw 3 shutouts innings backed
by 2 Jason Giambi solo shots. Then in the 8th with the Red Sox up
5-2, Grady Little chose to keep Pedro Martinez in the game. This move backfired
for the Red Sox as Derek Jeter single and a Bernie Williams double. Grady
Little went to the mound again and
chose to keep Pedro Martinez in again.
Hideki Matsui then hit a double and another double to Jorge Posada to tie the
game in the 8th. Mo came in in the ninth and threw a scoreless 9th,
10th, and 11th. Tim Wakefield threw a scoreless tenth and
then in the 11th came in the face Aaron Boone. Boone launched the
first pitch he saw into the left field stands, holding his arms up in joy.


Honorable Mention:
Mike Piazza’s homerun after 9/11, Todd Helton’s homerun to keep the Rockies’s
season alive in 2007, A-Rod’s game tying homerun off Joe Nathan, A-Rod’s walk off
homerun off Junichi Tazawa,

PS: No records
such as Barry Bonds 756th homer were included because they are

These were the top ten homeruns of the decade. Check out next week for next
week’s top ten. Any comments, questions, or disagreements? Please feel free to

What can’t Derek Jeter win? (Besides the MVP)

Congratulations Derek Jeter, you are the Sports Illustrated “Sportsman of the year”. We all thought that the awards season was over… but it’s not.The “Sportsman of the Year” award is given to the sports player with…you guessed it!… the most sportsmanship. Derek Jeter has always been renowned for his sportsmanship, and this year was no exception. And he was one of the most giving baseball players as well, which is why he won the Roberto Clemente award. So to win the Sportsman of the Year award you need very good sportsmanship. Am I forgetting something? OF COURSE. You must have had a great season, which DJ did. Jeet also won the world series and did great in the postseason. As well as this,  he was a very good example to kids watching baseball. No drugs, no illegal things, nothing. He contributes to charities and has his own as well. Congrats to our own Derek Jeter!

And the winner is…

Well the award season is over and we have many deserving winners and many non-deserving winners as well. We will quickly go through all of the winners and tell you why they won it. albert.jpg
So, let’s get started!

Most Valuable Player: AL: Joe Mauer, NL: Albert Pujols

            Joe Mauer had an amazing season. He led the league in batting average, slugging, on-base percentage, and on-base+slugging. Do I need to say more?
            King Albert is amazing. He hit 30 homers in the first half of the year and ended with 47. He was an early favorite to get a
triple crown. See why he deserved it?

CY Young Award: AL: Zack Grienke, NL: Tim Lincecum
            Zack Grienke’s ERA was under 2.30 and he had 216 strikeouts. Enough said. It is an obvious winner
            Did Tim Lincecum deserve the CY Young? Well we don’t know and we don’t think so but this is something we can allllllll agree on. He had a very good season. 262 K’s and an ERA under 3. Pretty dang good for someone who does something illegal.

Rookie of the Year: AL: Andrew Bailey, NL: Chris Coghlan
            In the NL Coghlan would be the unanimous c
hoice if not for JA Happ or Tommy Hanson. Chris Coghlan had the most hits after the all star break with 100+ hit. He hit .321 as well which led all NL outfielders. Not impressed? Well you should be.
In the AL Andrew Bailey shined from the ninth inning role with 26 saves in 30 chances. He had an ERA of 1.84 and got 6 wins from that closer spot. Pretty good for someone in his first season ever.

Manager of the Year: AL: Mike Scioscia, NL: Jim Tracy
            In the AL Mike Scioscia won Manager of the Year because of how he managed his team after the tragic death of rookie Nick Adhenhart. After coming off of this sad, sad event Mike Scioscia managed his team to the ALCS.
            When Jim Tracy became the Rockies manager, everybody thought they were gone. At the end of the year, the Rockies were in the playoffs.

Comeback player of the Year: AL: Aaron Hill, NL: Chris Carpenter
          In the AL Aaron Hill went to the All Star game and won a silver slugger. What more can you ask for right? But he was coming back from a season ending concussion!
            In the NL Chris Carpenter had an injury plagued 2008 and in 2009 he finished 2nd in the CY Young award ballot but really should have won it.

Delivery man of the year: Our very own Mariano Rivera is the DHL Delivery man of the year because he had the best ERA out of closers and had 42 saves and blew only 2. He is automatic.

Silver Sluggers:
AL and NL                                                
C: Joe Mauer and Brian McCann
1B: Mark Teixeira and Albert Pujols
2B: Aaron Hill and Chase Utley
3B: Evan Longoria and Ryan Zimmerman
SS: Derek Jeter and Hanley Ramirez
OF: Torii Hunter and Ryan Braun
OF: Ichiro and Andre Ethier
OF: Jason Bay and Matt Kemp
DH/P: Adam Lind and Carlos Zambrano

All these guys had fantastic, amazing seasons when it came to hitting. The guys who didn’t hit .300 had 30 homers. And the guys that didn’t have 30 homers had an average over .300. (Except Zambrano) See what I mean?

Gold Glove:
AL and NL
C: Joe Mauer and Yadier Molina
1B: Mark Teixeira and Adrian Gonzalez
2B: Placido Polanco and Orlando Hudson
3B: Evan Longoria and Ryan
adog.jpg Zimmerman

SS: Derek Jeter and Jimmy Rollins
OF: Ichiro and Matt Kemp
OF: Adam Jones and Michael Bourn
OF: Torii Hunter and Shane Victorino
P: Mark Buehrle and Adam Wainwright

These guys kept making web gem after web gem. If it is Torii Hunter robbing a homer to Adrain Gonzalez covering home on a play that seemed impossible. But web gems weren’t everything of course. They all didn’t make errors when it seemed to matter the most. They made the big play when they mattered most.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. All these guys deserved what they got. Most of them anyways…
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