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Uniform Number 11-20




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Here is part 2 of our best player at each uniform number. Enjoy!

11: The best player that wears number 11 is Ryan Zimmerman.
All Star, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner, I mean why wouldn’t he be the
best? Jimmy Rollins is also a good baseball player that wears number 11 so
let’s compare the two All-Stars. Rollins had more doubles (43-37), triples
(5-3), and more stolen bases (31-2). In fact he crushes in the stolen bases.
But Zimmerman has more hits (178-168), more runs scored (110-100), more RBI’s
(77-106), more homers (33-21), and a better average (.292-.250). They both had
fine defensive seasons and both won the Gold Glove. Both were All-Stars and you
have to give some credit to Jimmy Rollins, he had 21 homers in the leadoff
spot. 21. Ryan Zimmerman was also
more valuable to his team. Yes he is more valuable to the Nats then Rollins is
to the Phils. The Phillies have Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Polanco, Ibanez,
Werth, and Halladay and they would be stacked even without Rollins. The Nats do
have players but without Zimmerman, they would be nothing at all. They have Dunn
and Marquis but Zimmerman is the best. Therefore, he is the better of the two.


12: Alfonso Soriano is the best player that wears number 12.
There aren’t any others that are amazing so I can’t compare him. To anybody;
Jeff Kent is retired; Freddy Sanchez was traded and changed his number. It will
be too easy to compare him to a back-up, and therefore, Alfonso Soriano is the
best baseball player that wears number 12 

13: Alex Rodriguez is clearly the best baseball player that
wears number thirteen only challenged by Carl Crawford. This will be very hard
because Crawford is one of the fastest players in baseball, while A-Rod is one
of the best homerun hitters in baseball. I will do it though and it will look
really odd. Crawford had a better average (.305- .286), more triples (8-1),
more doubles (28-17), more hits (185-127), more stolen bases (60-14), and more
runs scored (96-78). This seems pretty overwhelming, but you will see how A-Rod
wins. He has 2 times as many homers (30-15), more RBI’s (100-68), less
strikeouts (97-99), more walks (80-51), better OBP (.402 to .364), and a better
SLG (.532-.452).  As you see, A-Rod is
the better player.

14: Paul Konerko is the best player who wears number 14 but
it is close. David Price is the other one. It is nearly impossible to compare a
pitcher and a position player so we will compare them to the league averages to
see who is more over the league average. 
David Price has a 4.42 ERA which is above the 4.32 average. Paul Konerko
has a .277 BA which is just above the .274 league average. David Price is well
over the 42 strikeout league average with his 102 K’s.  Konerko has 28 homers which is 2 times as
many as the league average (14). Price has a 1.35 WHIP which is just under the
1.39 league average. Konerko has 88 RBI’s well over the league average of 49.
Price has 7 more wins than the league average (10-3). And lastly, Konerko has
one less than the league average in stolen bases (1-2). Konerko is well above
the league average in the important categories and therefore, he is the best
baseball player that wears number 14.


15: Carlos Beltran or Tim Hudson? We will have to compare
them to their league averages. Beltran has a .325 BA to the .266 league
average. He had 2 more homers than the league average of 8 in homers. More RBI
(48-34) and one less stolen base (11-12). Remember Beltran was injured for most
of the year. He only played 81 games. Hudson only started 7 games as well
though. 42 innings. He had a 3.61 ERA compared to 4.32. 30 K’s compared to the
league average of 47. He had 1.46 WHIP to 1.39 league average.  Lastly he had one less win then the league
average (3-2). Both used to be very good but Beltran still has the advantage.

16: Brian McCann and Andre Ethier are very good, but who is
better? McCann has a better average (.281-.272), but that is just about it.
Ethier has more homers (31-21), more RBI’s (106-94), and a better SLG
(.508-.486). Ethier and McCann are both All-Stars and Silver Sluggers. But
obviously Ethier is better.

17: Lance Berkman or Todd Helton? They are both good, but
who is better and who has recently been better. According to us, it is Todd
Helton. Last year Helton hit .325 compared to Berkman’s .274 but he was
injured. Now if you step back to 2008 Berkman hit .312. That year he also hit 29
homers which were almost 2 times as much as Helton’s 15. In 09 he hit 25 which are
still 10 more than Helton. Helton has 6 more RBI’s than Berkman had in 09, but
was 20 less than what Lance hit in 08. They are pretty even right now is Helton’s
defense. Personally I thought that Helton should have won the Gold Glove. That
is what wins over Berkman who is starting to become a DH-type hitter.


18: Johnny Damon against Geovany Soto. Seems pretty easy to
choose Johnny Damon. Right? It is easy to say Damon is a better offensive
player, but Soto is a better defensive player especially because Damon has a
horrible arm and cannot play defensive making it easy to say Soto is better
when it comes to playing in the field. But Damon is a way better offensive
player, perhaps by such a margin that he is a better overall player. Let’s see.
Damon is obviously worse defensively. Damon hit a decent .282 which was WAY
higher than Soto’s mere .218. Damon had more than 2 times as many homers as
Soto (24-11) and had nearly 2 times as many doubles than Soto. Clearly, Damon is

19: Josh Beckett or Joey Votto? Both play very well at their
respective positions. Pitcher and 1st Baseman so we will have to go
back to comparing them to their league averages. Votto had a .322 batting
average which was well higher than the league average (.274). Beckett has a
3.86 ERA and the league average is 4.32. Big difference. Votto, with 25 homers,
had 11 more than the league average. Beckett had almost 3 and a half time as
many strikeouts as the league average (199-47). Votto had 84 RBI’s well over
the league average of 49. Beckett had 1.39 WHIP which was better than the
league average of 1.39. Clearly both of them are above average and seem equal.
But what wins it for Beckett is that he has guided his team to the post season
a few times. Joey Votto can’t do that with the Reds. There is where Josh
Beckett wins it.

20: The Red Sox once again. Kevin Youkilis wins it. Even if
it is against Jorge Posada. I am sad, very sad to admit it but yes. Let’s just
get this over with. Youkilis hits more homeruns (27-22), has a better average
(.305-.285), has better defense, had more RBI’s (94-81) and I am just going to
stop there. Don’t want to hear it from my friends that are Red Sox fans…


Thank you, thank you. Any comments, questions or disagreements?
Feel free to comment.

And the winner is…

Well the award season is over and we have many deserving winners and many non-deserving winners as well. We will quickly go through all of the winners and tell you why they won it. albert.jpg
So, let’s get started!

Most Valuable Player: AL: Joe Mauer, NL: Albert Pujols

            Joe Mauer had an amazing season. He led the league in batting average, slugging, on-base percentage, and on-base+slugging. Do I need to say more?
            King Albert is amazing. He hit 30 homers in the first half of the year and ended with 47. He was an early favorite to get a
triple crown. See why he deserved it?

CY Young Award: AL: Zack Grienke, NL: Tim Lincecum
            Zack Grienke’s ERA was under 2.30 and he had 216 strikeouts. Enough said. It is an obvious winner
            Did Tim Lincecum deserve the CY Young? Well we don’t know and we don’t think so but this is something we can allllllll agree on. He had a very good season. 262 K’s and an ERA under 3. Pretty dang good for someone who does something illegal.

Rookie of the Year: AL: Andrew Bailey, NL: Chris Coghlan
            In the NL Coghlan would be the unanimous c
hoice if not for JA Happ or Tommy Hanson. Chris Coghlan had the most hits after the all star break with 100+ hit. He hit .321 as well which led all NL outfielders. Not impressed? Well you should be.
In the AL Andrew Bailey shined from the ninth inning role with 26 saves in 30 chances. He had an ERA of 1.84 and got 6 wins from that closer spot. Pretty good for someone in his first season ever.

Manager of the Year: AL: Mike Scioscia, NL: Jim Tracy
            In the AL Mike Scioscia won Manager of the Year because of how he managed his team after the tragic death of rookie Nick Adhenhart. After coming off of this sad, sad event Mike Scioscia managed his team to the ALCS.
            When Jim Tracy became the Rockies manager, everybody thought they were gone. At the end of the year, the Rockies were in the playoffs.

Comeback player of the Year: AL: Aaron Hill, NL: Chris Carpenter
          In the AL Aaron Hill went to the All Star game and won a silver slugger. What more can you ask for right? But he was coming back from a season ending concussion!
            In the NL Chris Carpenter had an injury plagued 2008 and in 2009 he finished 2nd in the CY Young award ballot but really should have won it.

Delivery man of the year: Our very own Mariano Rivera is the DHL Delivery man of the year because he had the best ERA out of closers and had 42 saves and blew only 2. He is automatic.

Silver Sluggers:
AL and NL                                                
C: Joe Mauer and Brian McCann
1B: Mark Teixeira and Albert Pujols
2B: Aaron Hill and Chase Utley
3B: Evan Longoria and Ryan Zimmerman
SS: Derek Jeter and Hanley Ramirez
OF: Torii Hunter and Ryan Braun
OF: Ichiro and Andre Ethier
OF: Jason Bay and Matt Kemp
DH/P: Adam Lind and Carlos Zambrano

All these guys had fantastic, amazing seasons when it came to hitting. The guys who didn’t hit .300 had 30 homers. And the guys that didn’t have 30 homers had an average over .300. (Except Zambrano) See what I mean?

Gold Glove:
AL and NL
C: Joe Mauer and Yadier Molina
1B: Mark Teixeira and Adrian Gonzalez
2B: Placido Polanco and Orlando Hudson
3B: Evan Longoria and Ryan
adog.jpg Zimmerman

SS: Derek Jeter and Jimmy Rollins
OF: Ichiro and Matt Kemp
OF: Adam Jones and Michael Bourn
OF: Torii Hunter and Shane Victorino
P: Mark Buehrle and Adam Wainwright

These guys kept making web gem after web gem. If it is Torii Hunter robbing a homer to Adrain Gonzalez covering home on a play that seemed impossible. But web gems weren’t everything of course. They all didn’t make errors when it seemed to matter the most. They made the big play when they mattered most.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. All these guys deserved what they got. Most of them anyways…
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The 2009 NL Silver Sluggers have been announced, and Yankeeholics offers our heartiest congratulations to them. Here they are:

C: Brian McCann
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Chase Utley
3B: Ryan Zimmerman
SS: Hanley Ramirez
OF: Ryan Braun
OF: Andre Ethier
OF: Matt Kemp
P: Carlos Zambrano

And now for our in depth analysis…


Catcher: Brian McCann
Our Prediction: Brian McCann

Brian McCann is the deserved winner of the Silver Slugger this year, posting a .281 average with 21 homers and 94 RBIs. He led all catchers in homers, was 14 RBIs ahead of the second placed catcher, and only Yadier Molina, who hit .294, posted a better batting average. Though McCann was also second in the league in strikeouts by catchers, his homeruns, average, RBIs, and slugging (1st in the league among catchers at .486, 44 points higher than second place) earned him the Silver Slugger.  


First Baseman: Albert Pujols
Our Prediction: Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols won the Silver Slugger award…what’s new? Just Pujols having another crazily incredible year. If Ryan Howard or Prince Fielder or Todd Helton had been in the American League, they would have certainly taken the silver home…but Pujols has outdone them once again. He hit .327 (1st among all first basemen in baseball) with 47 homers (1st among all players in baseball) 135 RBIs (3rd among all players in baseball, 3rd among NL first basemen) a .658 slugging percentage (first among all players in baseball) a .443 OBP (second among all players in baseball) and a 115 walks (3rd among all players in baseball, second among all NL first basemen). As you can see, there is no possible way Pujols could NOT have gotten the Silver Slugger this season.  

Second Baseman: Chase Utley

Our Prediction: Chase Utley


The typical Silver Slugger has a year to brag about, a year that stands out and is noted by the baseball community. Chase Utley really did not have that kind of year, but he got the job done enough to bring home the silver. His OBP and slugging both were first among second basemen in the league (at .397 and .508 respectively). He hit .282, good but not great, and only 6th among NL second basemen. Not a Silver Slugger average. He also hit 31 homers, which was joint first among second basemen in the league (along with Dan Uggla) while knocking in 93, second among second baseman in the NL to Brandon Phillips. None of these numbers are exemplary, but no other NL second baseman put together average, RBIs, and home runs like Utley did. This is not a Silver Slugger award Utley will cherish…he merely won because the other second basemen in his league were very mediocre.


Third Baseman: Ryan Zimmerman

Our Prediction: Pablo Sandoval


What? You’re asking us. Who is Pablo Sandoval? Why not Ryan Zimmerman? Or Mark Reynolds? Well, let’s do a full comparison of the three. Home runs wise Reynolds walloped the other two, hitting 44 big flies. Zimmerman hit a respectable 33, while Sandoval brought up the rear with 25 (which came in joint third among NL third basemen, behind Zimmerman and Reynolds). In RBIs as well, Sandoval came in last among the three, but not by much; his 90 RBIs (which came in third among NL third basemen, again behind Zimmerman and Reynolds) were only 12 shy of Zimmerman’s and only 16 shy of Reynold’s. Take into account that Sandoval had fewer at bats than both of them (he had 572, Reynolds had 578, and Zimmerman had 610) and you realize that the RBI totals are actually very similar. We move on to batting average, and we find that Sandoval hit an unbelievable .330, 70 points higher than Reynolds and 38 points higher than Zimmerman. According to us, batting average is one of the most important numbers, and the fact that Sandoval had such a high BA showed that he had a fantastic year (his batting average was second in the whole NL). Next we go to OBP, in which Sandoval comes in 3rd among NL third basemen, but ahead of Zimmerman and Reynolds. Sandoval posted a .387 OBP, Zimmerman came in 4th among NL third basemen with a .364 OBP, and Reynolds came in 6th among NL third basemen with a .349 OBP. In slugging, Sandoval put up .556, which led NL third basemen. Reynolds came in second among third basemen in the NL with a .543 slugging percentage, and Zimmerman put up .525 which was good enough for third among NL third basemen. Also factor in the fact that Sandoval only struck out 83 times, which was well behind Zimmerman’s 119 and way behind Reynold’s record-breaking 223, and you see that Sandoval hit very well among NL third basemen in 2009. It was a tight race, but in the end we just had to give the honors to Pablo Sandoval. But what do you think?


Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez

Our Prediction: Hanley Ramirez


Troy Tulowitzki put up a fight, but Hanley outdid him to take home his 2nd Silver Slugger award. Han-Ram led the NL with a .342 average, and his 24 homers were second among NL shortstops to Tulo (who had 32). Hanley also knocked in 106 runs (1st among NL shortstops) had a .410 OBP (again 1st) and a .543 slugging (2nd to Tulowitzki’s .552). Hanley had a fantastic season, and he richly deserves the Silver Slugger.


Outfielders: Ryan Braun, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp

Our Prediction: Ryan Braun, Justin Upton, Carlos Lee


Ryan Braun was far and away the best outfielder in the National League. He hit 31 homers, which was third among NL outfielders, and his 114 RBIs topped the charts for NL outfielders. His .320 batting average was 2nd among NL outfielders to the talented rookie Chris Coghlan, and he also landed second to Coghlan in OBP, posting .386. In slugging though he topped the charts of NL outfielders again; putting up .551. Those impressive numbers made it very easy to choose Ryan Braun as a Silver Slugger.

Andre Ethier put up good numbers this season, but we feel like Justin Upton edged him out. Though Justin Upton only hit 26 homers (5 less than Ethier) and only knocked in 86 runs (20 less than Ethier), Upton has a solid reason: he bats at the top of the lineup, while Ethier bats cleanup. At the top of the lineup, your job is not to hit homers and knock in runs; it is to get a hit and get on base. Justin Upton did that very well; he hit .300 with a .366 OBP, while Ethier could only manage .272 with a .361 OBP. Upton also edged Ethier out in slugging; .532 to .508. So despite the fact that Justin Upton knocked in fewer runs and hit less big flies, he did his job very well and his contribution to his team was better than Ethier’s contribution to the Dodgers.

Matt Kemp and Carlos Lee had scarily similar seasons. Both had 26 homers. Lee had 1 more RBI (102 to 101) and a 3 point higher batting average (.300 to .297). Kemp had an 9 point higher OBP (.352 to .343) and a 1 point higher slugging (.490 to .489). The only thing that tips the scale in Lee’s favor is that he only struck out 51 times, while Kemp struck out 139 times. For us, this gives Lee the Silver Slugger, but it is a very close decision.


Pitcher: Carlos Zambrano

Our Prediction: Carlos Zambrano


As well as having a decent year with the ball, Big Z had a (relatively) great year with the bat, posting a .217 average with 4 homers and 11 RBIs. Those numbers were good enough to earn him his third Silver Slugger. Do we have a batting champion on our hands?


And that will wrap up the National League Silver Slugger awards! Thank you for reading and be sure to post your questions, comments, and opinions. Till next time!